Sunday, August 17

shopping weekend!

I love shopping.

I got this book:

for $6.00 at an outlet mall today. Yay! It was the only knitting book they had, but I am going to be going back there sometime to check for more. I also got three pairs of shoes, a few tops, some new votive candles, and a GameCube game (Nascar Thunder 2003), and a few good restaurant meals thanks to my parents. (Hugs for both of you!)

I got called for jury duty for the first time ever. I'm actually kind of excited, because it is in the Daley Center downtown Chicago, but I can't go because of school (in Iowa). =( I'm probably the first person to be disappointed to miss out on jury duty!

Oh yeah, my mom brought me some size 13 (purple!) Lion Brand needles this weekend. I have at least 3 projects I want to start on that need them, and I can't find the Lion Brand ones around me. I really like the plastic compared to metal, but I wish they came in shorter lenghts!

Knitting news:
I re-did the heal on my toe up sock and it looks MUCH better. Not so pointy. I will have pics up for you to see hopefully tomorrow.
I was going to post a pattern for a dishcloth pattern I made up on vacation, but I didn't write it down as I was working on it, and now I can't remember what I did! It should be easy enough to follow the one that is finished to make another one and write the patter though. I'll try to do that sometime next week and have it posted! Cool huh?

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