Sunday, August 10

update and racing


(Thats a small update for those out of the loop)

I was up until 3:30 this morning working on some new graphics for my site. I can see it perfectly in my head but can't get them to come up right on the screen. Don't you hate that? Hopefully, something new will be up soon!

No new knitting at all. I've been working on cleaning up my disaster area of a bedroom and am not letting myself get anything out to work on until it is done. So there. =)

In other big news, I just finished watching the Watkins Glen Winston Cup race. So much fun! Yay! I'm such a big dork about NASCAR now I wish I had it on tape so I could watch it again!

Here is my current windows wallpaper - I think you girls will appreciate it as much as I do!

If you would like the full size version for yourself, its here under multimedia or something like that.

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