Thursday, June 12

Camping, with a Side of Tornados.

It’s hard to believe tomorrow is Friday again. Or that it is almost the middle of June already. But I am going to post about last weekend anyway, ignoring the fact that it is closer to this weekend.

Hubby and I went camping last weekend at Chain O’ Lakes State Park. It is close to home so we didn’t have to spend a fortune on gas but still had a three day weekend in the wilderness. At least, that was the plan in the beginning.

It was raining on and off during the day on Friday but nothing to dissuade us from getting to the campsite around 4pm and setting up our gear. We spent most some time in the tent waiting for the rain to stop but then enjoyed the rest the night with a campfire and s’mores. (Mmmmmm….) I did manage to squeeze in a little knitting too.


Saturday morning we went fishing, ate lunch (not fish, heh) and then sat around deciding what to do next. Unfortunately, the weather decided for us. We spent almost two hours in the car hiding from a thunderstorm. It would occasionally let up and we’d open the doors to get some fresh air and tempt fate. We were had just started talking about being wimps and going home early when the park ranger came through and “strongly advised” everyone to leave since there was a tornado watch in the southern half of the park (a different county from where we were). So we quickly packed up all of our muddy, soaking wet gear during a break in the rain and headed for home.

We had been home for about an hour when my Mom called my cell phone to say they had a tornado literally go through their back yard, about 60 miles south of were we were. Incredibly, there was no major damage on their property. No major trees down and only minor damage to the house. They talked to some storm chasers who were following its path, and there had been a lot of damage behind it. My dad told me the house was plastered with bits of debris and some sort of pink Styrofoam insulation. They said it was crazy loud and pretty scary. No doubt. I am glad I wasn’t there! But very very glad everyone is OK. Here is a photo of their next door neighbor’s tool shed stuck in a tree, along with a large tree completely uprooted.

shed hit by tornadotree hit by tornado

Later reports said that 6 tornados touched down in the path of this storm. It could have been so much worse.

FYI, my car is now a muddy, stinky mess inside. Blech.

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