Thursday, June 26


Today is our three year anniversary. This is the best, most recent photo of the two of us I could find.

at the airport, 5:30 am
O'Hare Airport, about 5:00am, on our way to Las Vegas in October 2007

The traditional gift is leather and we talked about purchasing a new leather couch to celebrate the occasion. Unfortunately, as much as we need a new couch (our current one is covered in a bed sheet to hide the rips) it is just not financially doable right now.

Instead,we splurged a little on something we found and couldn't pass up:

Wii Fit!

A Wii Fit! I was so excited that we found one. This was actually the last one Game Stop had in stock and as we were paying a lady came in and asked for one. Hooray for good timing! I have basically played nonstop since we got it. It's so much fun and actually a decent workout. I am not a top athlete by any means, but I do exercise regularly and worked up a sweat on the Wii Fit.

ETA: I realized after reading this that this post makes us sound very financially irresponsible. Believe me, we are not. But sometimes you just need to buy yourself something fun!

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