Sunday, August 26

Some Knitting.

I haven't spent too much time knitting during the last week. Most of my time has been taken up with trying to stay dry during a week of unrelenting rain, resetting clocks after power failures, and dealing with weather related sinus yuckiness. Plus some after-work napping. Is there anything better than a nap during a thunderstorm?

I am almost finished with the body of my bluebell boatneck sweater however:

Bluebell sweater in progress

I have pretty much been ignoring MS3, even thought many people are actually finished, and will pick it up sometime when my head actually feels like it is attached to my body.

Oh, and I got my Ravelry invite! So that is where I plan to spend the rest on my Sunday...


eyeleen said...

Beautiful color, I love that purple tweed,

Adrienne said...

You are making me want to put this sweater BACk on my knitting list! LOL, it looks fantastic!!!! Are you using cascade 220?