Sunday, August 5

So hot... must.. keep... knitting.

Summer has finally hit Chicagoland. The weather has been so mild the last few months that I almost forgot how hot it can get in August. And as if temps in the 90sF aren't bad enough on their own, is has been sticky-muggy humid the last week which I really can't stand. I don't like to feel as if I need a second shower after just walking out to my car at 6:00 am.

I haven't knit much during the last week - mostly due to the heat but also some birthday distraction. It doesn't help that every project I have going right now is in wool. (My stunning brilliance is showing yet again...) I have managed to knit a few inches on my Bluebell Boatneck pullover, from Fitted Knits. I tried it on for size, and am already loving it quite a lot.

Bluebell Boatneck sweater in progress
cropped to remove the goofy look on my face.

I also have knit a few dozen rows on Mystery Stole 3, but you probably couldn't even tell the difference if I posted another photo.

Last but definitely not least, a huge THANK YOU!!!!! to all of you sweet people who sent me birthday (or birffday, as we call it) wishes. Don't forget, the drawing for the Mission Falls yarn is open until Wednesday. I'll draw a name after I get home from work, so lets say you have until 7:00pm central time to send me your entry! (See below for details.)


adrienne said...

Looking good so far!!! And it IS hot! LOL

Jean said...

Happy Birthday! It takes a large degree of inner strength to knit a wool sweater in the summer. Props to you for doing it. Especially, because it means you'll have the sweater finished in time for when you'll need it. It's looking great, too.