Thursday, June 7


I have been in the mood to work on small, non-sock projects lately. I am trying to work my way though the stash of yarn that has accumulated in my apartment, so it’s good that I am actually finishing things! It’s not that I mind having a stash, it’s just that some of the yarn has been sitting there for way too long, and I can never convince myself to buy anything new since there is “so much” already. I suppose I don’t have as much as some other people, but I would feel better if it was less. (Everything except the sock yarn fits in one of those long “under bed” boxes and two canvas baskets on my bookshelf. The sock yarn, well, I think it must procreate in closet while I’m at work. Enough for about 20 pairs!)

I finished a few dishcloths, and have about 5 more balls of cotton left for more.


I also am working on the felted flower kits I bought last year at Stitches Midwest. (Really want to finish all of my purchases from last year before I go back this year!) These kits are from Pick Up Sticks and I have the Daffodil, Calla Lily, and Sunflower. I think they have about 5 more flower types that I would like to buy this year to add to the set.

felted flowers

I am hoping to finish the Sunflower and felt them on Sunday.

felted flowers
more flowers in my kitchen

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sandra said...

Those floweres are turning out great! I know has many to knit and hope I could whip up some in fall!