Monday, December 11


**Edit: I've been trying to post this for about six days now, but Blogger hasn't cooperated. My apologies if it appears multiple times!

I have been worse than usual at posting in progress photos of my knitting projects lately. Once again, I have no photos of in progress objects but a couple photos of finished objects!

I have wanted to make Steve and I stockings for a few years now and this year I finally buckled down and did it. Mine is the one on the right.

I used Knit Picks Wool of the Andes. This is my first time using any of the Knit Picks private label yarn (I'm soo behind the times) and I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was, especially for the price.

I realize that there is no scale in the photo, but the stockings are about 18" long and 6" wide. I didn't use a pattern for the stockings themselves (they are just big socks!) but the tree applique is from Nicky Epstein's Knitting Embellishments. The stripes on Steve's stocking are Fibonacci in origin. So they look kind of random but are not since my brain has a hard time dealing with randomness.

The lining was also down off-handedly (is that a word?). I just put the finished stocking down on a double layer of fabric, traced, cut, sewed, stuck inside, made a little hem at the top, and slip-stitched it to the stocking. Incidentally, the green stripes in Steve's stocking above match the yarn much better in person. The stripes in mine are red.

I'm currently working on some mini hats and mittens for package attachments/ornament gifts. I've cut my gift list down to basically zero besides those, since I actually used my head for once and realized that there is no way I could finish everything and still be sane in the end. Even though I love giving hand made gifts, and I know people appreciate them -it's just not worth the stress. I swear next year I will start my gifts in July!

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