Tuesday, November 28

Moving in Stereo

Sunday night my husband, parents and I went to see The New Cars at the House of Blues in Chicago. The Cars are "new" because TODD RUNDGREN is singing with them. I am the biggest TODD fan ever, and hey, the Cars had some good songs. (It's not even possible for me to type TODD's name lowercase because I get so unbelievably excited at the idea of seeing him perform live. Just thinking about it makes me want to get out of my chair and do Homer Simpson's finger waggling "But I'm missing the chili cookoff - it's going on right now" dance.)

So anyway, the concert was incredibly good. Possibly the best show I have ever been to. The only downside (and barely enough to complain about) was the New Cars didn't start their set until 10pm. On a Sunday. And they were on until nearly midnight, with only a short break before an encore. We didn't get home until almost 1am, and I had to drag my sleepy butt into the shower for work only 4.5 hours later.

But yeah. SO WORTH IT.

Are there any other Todd/Utopia fans out there? If so, you will probably also recognize a couple of other new Cars members. Anyone else catch this show? Either in Chicago or anywhere else?

For even more fun, check out a short clip of Todd and the New Cars performing Let's Go at another show in Milwaukee.

Knitting. Sure. I do that too. Check back later. =)

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Bulle said...

Hi Sarah, there are big Todd fans in France too ! My boyfriend owns a blog about his favorite albums, and he has written an article about him.

PS: I often visit your blog for knitting and spinning too.

Have a happy new year !