Wednesday, November 8

I've got so much to say,

but I don't think I can get it all out in any coherent form. Some times I feel like I need a dozen more hours in the day. Like today, when it took me 1.5 hours to travel the 14 miles home from work. I am in such a Catch-22* of "wasted" time and no time at all.

I've also got so much that I have wanted to post about, but my computer at home has been acting up - or should I say slowing down - to the point where trying to anything on it (especially edit/upload photos) is an exercise in futility. I'm not sure what the problem is, but I have run anti-virus and anti-spyware programs and nothing is ever found. My husband thinks it might be the motherboard going... Fun.

I am not yet brave enough to try posting to my blog from work (I've only been there 7 months and don't really want to push the limits of the IT department just yet), but I am braving the slowness to at least type this.

I have put aside my Diamonique top for now (since it is too cold to wear it anyways) for some more wintry things. Here is a quick list of what I have been working on:

1) recycled Debbie Bliss sweater (or, "why not knit something that actually fits!")
2) Christmas stockings for Steve and I
3) surprise gift #1
4) Opal sock
5) other various gifts in the planning stage. Not sure how many of these are going to pan out.
6) the neglected Diamonique

I finished my spinning class a week ago and have some actual real hand spun yarn to show for it. It was so much fun, but my scratchy throat, itchy hands and painfully red eyes after each class make me wonder again about a wool allergy.

I have also been doing a fair amount of sewing lately. I finished a bag to take to work, and am ready to cut out a skirt.

I am anxious to post photos of all these things once my computer is feeling up to it - so look out for a photo heavy post this weekend!

*you know, if I quit my job I wouldn't have to spend upwards of 2.5 hours in my car a day and I'd have so much more time to get things done (both fun stuff and the laundry,) but I wouldn't be able to afford any of it!

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