Wednesday, October 4

Because I totally need another hobby.

I signed up for a spinning class through our local community college. It is actually held at a sort-of-local yarn shop, Wool, Warp, and Wheel, which I didn't know about until now.

The first class was last night. It was my first time trying a spinning wheel and I think I am hooked. Like I have the time or money for something new! Here is my first little skein of hand-spun yarn:

I love it! This was actually spun from pencil roving, to learn how to control the twist and wheel - I'm sure my first attempt at drafting next week will look like a rats nest!


Dandy said...

Congrats on learning how to spin!!

it's so great to spin your own yarn for a project.

Ruth said...

Looks lovely! I am working up the courage to learn to spin - though like you, I need another hobby like I need a hole in the head.

Malia said...

I'm also resisting the call of the spinning wheel. and the loom.
Congratualtions, your yarn is beautiful.