Wednesday, May 3

Tired, but happy.

I haven't had much time online is the last few weeks to do much besides check email. Moving was an adventure and a half, but I'll explain that more later when my brain is a little more "fresh".

But the new apartment is great and my new job is great. The only not great thing is the commute - which is due to traffic. I only live 16 miles from work, but everyone is traveling in the same direction as me to get to work at 8:00am. So that 16 miles takes me about an hour. Yesterday it was an hour and 10 minutes. Blah. But that's OK, I'll deal.

I should have time this weekend to write more. Until then, happy knitting!

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Libby said...

Thanks for the congratulatory comment. I'm so happy for you - and a tad bit envious about a new apartment. Bummer about the commute, but I'm glad to hear that the job is fab.