Friday, December 16

Hanging around.

So I haven't been very active lately, either on my blog or in real life. I think the cold weather has a lot do to with it. When it gets dark so early, I just don't want to leave the apartment! And we have had so much snow... doesn't anyone else remember hearing that it was supposed to be a mild winter?

I have done a little knitting, mostly a few small gifts, but nothing else worth mentioning. I'll post some photos after they have been given. (I refuse to use the word "gifted". Where did that come from anyway? I never heard it used before last year or so.)

I really wanted to finish my Manos cardigan in time for the holidays, but it doesn't look like it is going to happen. I'll make sure and post a photo if I happen to go into some kind of knitting frenzy and finish it though. (Don't hold your breath...)

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