Sunday, October 16


It's a good day - the sun is shining and I had an empty memory card to take photos with. (It's the small things in life, ya know?)

My two most recently finished projects are shrugs based off of this bell sleeve shrug from Beatknit Patterns.

Bernat Denim Style yarn

3/4 sleeve
Red Heart Tweed yarn

The reason I say "based off of" is because I had to improvise with the length of the sleeves on both. With the tweed one, (which is not so rainbow-y colored in real life BTW) I followed the pattern as written and quickly realized that since it was based on arm circumference and not length, I was going to come up short on both yarn and sleevage. The yarn was something I have been holding onto forever and didn't really want to buy any more of. So it became a 3/4 sleeve shrug with crab stitch crocheted cuffs so they wouldn't roll.

On to the next shrug; this time I wanted one that fit correctly. I purchased three balls of Denim Style yarn instead of the two which should be sufficient according to the pattern. I lengthen the back part to get the sleeves long enough to roll slightly at my wrists. Perfect. (I ended up using more than half of the third ball.)

Lesson: This is why it is good to knit tops when you are tall like me (5'10") - since I could have never found a shrug in a store that had long enough sleeves!


beatknit said...

Hey! Your shrugs look great!

Sarah said...

Thanks. Great pattern!