Sunday, October 30

My Mom is my enabler.

Mom and I both took the day off work last Friday so we could have some time together. (Something that does not happen often enough since she lives four hours away.) We hit a bunch a yarn, bead, and quilting stores and had a blast. Not surprising, we didn't come away empty handed.

Some highlights include my first purchase of Manos del Uruguay wool for the "Must Have" cardigan in Hip to Knit, orange and brown Brown Sheep Nature Spun for some Knitty Pumpkins, and some holiday sewing patterns.

I have already made three different swatches for the cardigan and none of them are on gauge. Being one to ignore problems rather than deal with them, I have moved on to a sock I had started out of Opal 6ply and left my ball of Manos sitting sadly in the spare bedroom. But I am still looking forward to wearing that sweater, so I'm sure I will pick it up again soon.

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Libby said...

Great loot. The Yarn Requirements pamphlet has been so useful to me since I started planning my Christmas knitting.

I can't wait to see your Knitted Babe. the face gave me so much trouble, and I'm still not content with the results. Can't wait to see yours.