Sunday, September 11

Sewing Sunday

I have been wanting to work on some sewing projects for a while now. I finished two things this Sunday, a needle roll and a knitting tools case.

the tool case closed

and opened, with a few of my gadgets inside

I am totally in love with the tool case. It has 11 pockets total; some open and some zippered. I kind of made it up on the fly, which is impressive considering my meager sewing skills. Yay me! I just wish I could sew more often, but it kind of takes over the entire kitchen when I get my machine out. And makes a huge mess. (But just about everything I do does that...)

By the way:

If anyone is interested in a very nice, brand new, men's Harley-Davidson denim jacket, click the link!

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Would you mind passing this along to fellow knitters?


A signed copy each of the novel COVER THE BUTTER--hardback edition--for five winners who knit the most original and imaginative sweater for a featherless chicken! (In a very simple T-shape.)

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Happy knitting!


Knitting Maven said...

Great looking knitting needle roll. I have never tried to sew one, but yours really looks nice.