Sunday, September 25

One more project complete

I finished another non-knitting project last week. It is a counted cross stitch that I started in July of 2004. I have such a love-hate relationship with cross stitch. I love looking at the kits and patterns and love the finish product. I even think I'll love working on it. But when I am in the middle of one it starts to drag on and on... This is actually the first time since high school that I have attempted a cross stitch project. I probably never would have picked it up again but I visited a friend out of town last summer and saw all her beautiful framed work I had to give it a try again myself.

(it is about 4.5" square)

I do have a few more kits purchased while I was still enamored with the craft last summer, so I will probably work on those eventually.

Knitting: (Yay!)

I have to say I have missed knitting while I was finishing up these old projects. I've started a shrug and a lace scarf - more on those soon. I need to find my digital camera battery charger before I can post on them. Blog post with no photos=boring!


Knitting Maven said...

I know how it feels to complete an old project. It is amazing how many started projects I have.

Libby said...

Cute cross stitch. I have the same feeling about the craft. Plus, I never know what to do with the finished piece.

I'm trying to finish some lingering projects as well, but I end up just starting something new.

Denise said...

I love counted cross stitch as well as knitting. Since I tend to love really large cross stitch pictures I get really bored in the middle. I have about 30 WIP's I rotate with the knitting and other things.

That is a really cute cross stitch. I hope you continue in CS land with knitting.