Saturday, September 3

Is is sweater weather yet?

Actually, the answer is no, as demonstrated by the soccer shorts and t-shirt under my new sweater:

Top-Down Raglan construction - no real pattern used.
Debbie Bliss Merino Aran yarn purchased (on sale!) from the Creative Corner in Des Moines last summer.

It turned out a little bigger than I had planned, especially in the neck area. But it is very comfy, and I'm sure I'll wear it a lot around the apartment this winter!

I learned a few things for when I try my next top down sweater. I was increasing every other row for the raglan sleeves, but by the time I got to the underarm depth I wanted, the body was too wide. I think I will try increasing every row next time, and see what happens.

Other news:
We finally got our wedding photo proofs! Now the is the big project of designing the album. Then waiting 4 months to get it! =(

Other Other news:
I don't want to get into what is being rehashed over and over elsewhere, but I just wanted to say that the (lack of) government response to the hurricane victims is another tally on the growing list of "Why I am ashamed to be an American".

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