Sunday, July 17

"bunny fun"

Rabbits seem to be a recurring theme in my life right now. There are dozens of them hopping around our apartment complex and my building at work eating the landscaping, we see them all over the neighborhood when we walk to the rec center or grocery store, I found an old pair of Joe Boxer pjs with little pink bunnies on them, and I just finished knitting Fiber Trend's Bunny Fun pattern.

I found the pattern in a half-off bin at Ben Franklin when Steve and I were searching for vellum for the invitations. (We cleaned them out of light pink and heart print almost two months ago - last time I was there it wasn't restocked yet!) I used the Cascade 220 I purchased in WI specifically for this project. It was really quick to knit, and lots of fun too.

four bunny pieces - front, back, and two feet

sewn together, and basted with cotton yarn inside the legs

As you undoubtedly guessed, it still needs to be felted and stuffed. I am leary of felting in the apartment's washing machine, mostly because you have basically no control over the settings. I am going to be visiting my parents in the beginning of August, so I might wait until then to felt it. If I can be patient. (But I wanna do it nooow...)


Roxi said...

Congratulations on your wedding. The pictures of the favors, guest book, invitations, and bouquet, all look lovely. You did a great job.

Can't wait to see the finished felted bunny.

Libby said...

Congrats on your wedding. From the flowers, I can tell that it was beautiful.

I'll be excited to see the felted bunny all finished. I have the Fibertrends felted bear pattern that I haven't tried yet. I found it on sale at Ben Franklins too.

Karen Lynn said...

I have made the sheep and llama with no problems but I am having trouble seeing how to attach the feet of the bunny. The directions say to attach the cast off edge of the feet to the end of the leg but that is a point! my feet look like they are attached to each other at
the ankle.
how did you attach your feet? did you sew the cast off edge to itself first and then attach? Thanks.