Tuesday, May 3


My right hand has been bothering me the last few days. Not from knitting (although it has kept me from knitting), but from overuse of my trusty adjustable pipettor at work. Part of the problem stems from a graceful incident six years ago in which I closed my thumb in a heavy metal door. (I'll leave out the gruesome explanation of my injury.) It still bothers me on an almost daily basis and since it is my "pipetting thumb", it doesn't get much rest. I think I might go buy a heating pad to wrap my hand up in. That sounds like it would feel fantastic right about now.

Enough whining. I have photos to show you!

Cashmerino raglan sweater; at the end of the increases.

Opal lollipop sock #1


ShelbyD said...

Are you a scientist? My husband, who's a molecular biologist, has had problems with pipetter thumb as well - hope it doesn't adversely affect your knitting for too long.

Sarah said...

Yes, I actually work in a diagnositic/research immunology lab. Sorry to hear that your husband has problems with his thumb - but also kind of glad to know that I am not the only one!