Wednesday, May 18

In the mail, out of my hands.

What a relief. I mailed my wedding invitations yesterday morning and they are finally off my mind! They turned out well I believe, simple but effective. Here is a sample of one:

Now I can't wait to receive the RSVP cards. It will mean something in the mail besides credit card offer!

I finished the first Opal Lollipop sock last weekend as Steve and I were driving home from Chicago. (Got the marriage license!) Ya know, I never realized how freakishly long and narrow my feet were until I started knitting socks! ;-)

In other knitting news, I read on Libby's blog that Lion Brand Cotton Ease is being discontinued. Double Dang. I need to go buy myself some to make this sweater before my color selection becomes limited.

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Libby said...

Your invitations look really nice. Getting the RSVPs in the mail was one of the most exciting parts of the whole process (well, except for getting gifts in the mail).

Hancock in IC still had quite a few colors last weekend. And you can still order from the Lion Brand website (but it's on sale at Hancock)

Yes we do live pretty close. I'm on 5th St. right across from Morrison Park.