Saturday, April 2

What's wrong with me?

Mollie says, "It's no small thing."

I am still here and knitting. Not loads, but some. As proof, I offer the collar of my Incredible Custom Fit Raglan Sweater. (Plus some pink flowers in apology.)

I am using Debbie Bliss Merino Aran that I purchased on clearance last summer. Some of you may realize that this is my first sweater.

Well, maybe someone would if anyone actually still read this blog.

The reason I haven't knit a sweater is not for lack of skill (I hope), but for lack of interest. I have been thinking about knitting a sweater for a while now (read: years) and figured it was about time. Of course, it is going to be way to warm to wear a wool sweater by the time it is finished. But that sort of practical thinking never seems to phase me.

I am also thisclose to finishing a pair of cotton/wool socks - I am making a promise to myself to post a photo of them as soon as they are done!

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Katt said...

It will be too warm to wear it when its finished? Thats when you say you are making it for 'next winter' i knitted winter jumpers for my girls all through summer. Cos during winter I am really busy doing winter knits for a shop I sell them in! lol