Wednesday, April 6

Sock Dreams

(Maybe I should re-name this blog.)

I finished my Ripple Rib socks. They are made from Cestari 70% cotton, 30% wool DK weight yarn. I tried repeatedly to take a close up of the rib pattern on the cuffs but never did get anything worth posting.

I have already started my next pair of socks, and will take a picture once I charge the batteries in my camera. (For the record, they are plain stockinette stitch in Opal lollipop)

What? My top-down raglan sweater? Oh yeah...

When it came time to increase and place markers for the sleeves, I realized that somehow I had cast on 14 too few stitches and had to frog the entire thing. I'm sure you won't be shocked when I say I haven't started again yet.

1 comment:

Dandy said...

holy smokes, you are the sock making queen!!!