Saturday, February 26

Come on Summer!

While we have had decent weather here lately for February, I can't wait until it gets warm again! (Please remind me of this in August when I am melting in the heat.) To help make myself feel a little more "summery", I just finished Zaftig, from knitty.

I am very pleased with it and with how it looks on. (Not that I would ever wear it outside my house I'm sure.) While I made the smallest size, it is still a little large in um, certain areas. Dang. Tissue, anyone?

One change I made was to shorten the bottom band down from 2.5 inches to a little more than one. I used an elastic band meant to be sewn into sport type waistbands and worn against the skin.

I wasn't actually planning on adding the elastic as called for in the pattern the entire time I was knitting it but in the end found it to be the perfect solution to control the roll of the stockingette stitch.

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Penina said...

I was planning on making myself one of these, to match the Thon-th-Thong I made for hubby.
Thanks for showing your's.