Tuesday, February 22

Better late than never

(This is the post I wrote last week. Thanks to everyone for their kind thoughts.)

Hey look! My Christmas Cactus is blooming:

Maybe I didn't have it close enough to the calendar...

Sorry. Feeling a little goofy today. =)

I guess I am just so excited that I finished my first Opal 6-ply sock. I totally love it.

(Thanks to Steve for the photo help!)

I have decided that I will let myself have one sock and one non-sock project going at the same time. I'm sure some of you are saying "that's all?!", but for me the stress of having lots of unfinished items around is just too much. Besides, I can finish things more quickly if I am not working on a dozen projects at a time.

So my current non-sock project is Zaftig from Knitty. I found two balls of Fixation on clearance at my local yarn store and wanted to do something different with them. I really like the pattern, and I am hoping the smallest size will fit OK.

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