Friday, September 24

Projects-In-Progress Rundown

I realize I haven't been too good at a few things lately; namely updating my website and finishing projects! Here is a quick little cheat sheet of the knitting projects I have going right now, in the order they will most likely be finished:

1) Diamond Socks ~ 75% complete
I just started the cuff on the second sock, and hope to finish the pair by early next week.

2) MultiEffect socks ~ 98% complete
I just need to do the double knit bind off on the second sock and they are finished. Have been putting it off since it requires actually concentration and thought!

3)Floofy gift scarves ~ 1/5 complete
OK, so these things really are a PITA. But I like the finished product and besides, they are not for me! Need to get going on them though...

4) Anissa ~20% complete
I am working on the back right now, which is all stockingette stitch. This is a good mindless TV watching project.

5)"Baby" Blanket ~ 10% complete
So I am not really sure why I even started this. I saw the yarn at Walmart and thought it would make a nice, light summer blanket. It's the traditional dishcloth/baby blanket pattern, but I was actually making it for myself! Also good mindless TV knitting.

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