Thursday, September 9

Ok, so enough with the fake posts already!

Yeah I'm sick of them too. Here is a real one:

I have been working on a "Harley Bear Sweater" (for a stuffed bear) with yarn my parents gave me for my birthday last month. I looked over a few patterns in books and online but could not really find the exact size/design I was looking for. So I made a gauge swatch (gasp!) and cast on the right number of stitches for the bottom of the sweater. It's just been a free-for-all since then.

The orange stitches in the middle are actually acting as a stitch holder - I am going to pull them out later to add the neckband. Now do keep in mind that I have never actually made a sweater before. (Oh wait - that's obvious!) But despite that and other shortcomings things seem to be going well. Hopefully I can finish it this weekend and show y'all* the completed product - which should make the name "Harley Bear Sweater" a little clearer!

* No, I didn't recently move further South. While away at my field class we had many discussions on why the four of us, all girls from the midwest, didn't think twice about calling each other guys, as in "hey you guys!". We determined the the contraction y'all really was the best gender-neutral option. It keeps coming back to me at odd times, earning some strange looks from my coworkers.

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