Monday, September 13

One and a half completed projects!

After a tedious half hour of sewing in ends and assembling pieces, the Harley bear sweater is complete. I have to say I am quite pleased with the results, this being my first sweater ever and all. It fits, the stripes line up, the seams look decent and I didn't even use a pattern!

on the bear

Speaking of patterns, I am considering writing up what I did and posting it here on the off chance that someone else would like to make a Harley-Davidson stuffed bear sweater.

off the bear

The half completed project is one sock out of a pair:

I am calling this my "diamond sock" because of the (hard to see) diamond pattern right above the top of the cuff. Actually, it was supposed to be a row of lacy hearts but... after taking them apart for the fifth time I thought this would be just as good!

Other relevant info: Bernet Hot Sox yarn, size 1 bamboo double pointed needles, 52 stitches around, toe from Judy Gibson's "You're Putting Me On" pattern, heel from Lucy Neatby's "Cool Socks Warm Feet", and cuff by me.

Now to make the second one!

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