Sunday, December 28

On my way...

I leave for the airport tomorrrow morning at 3:00. AM. Yikes. I'm going to cheer for the Hawkeyes in the Outback Bowl in Tampa!!

Maggie is less than thrilled about us leaving, and also about all the Holiday craziness:

But she does look cute.

I finished the first Regia 6-ply sock! Yay! OK, so I almost ran out of yarn on this one and didn't get to do a fancy leg pattern like I wanted, but I still love it. More details on it when I return.

I tried to do a stretch "kitchner rib" (thats probably spelled wrong) bind off from The Big Book of Knitting. I must have done something wrong though, because it isn't really very stretchy at all. I'm debating whether this is ok, or if I need to pick the whole thing apart and try something different.

For my trip, I am bringing the seed stitch Silk Garden scarf to work on at night... so maybe there will finally be some progress on that. Also... photos of the surprise projects will be posted when I return!

See you in five days...

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