Thursday, December 11

Getting there.

Today I finish classes. (Except for one final and one final project.) For Ever!

(happy dance.)

I have made good progress on surprise #2 the last few nights. I'm calling it 45% done! Unfortunately, surprise #3 has not seen the light of day in a little while. No biggie, I'd say I am more than halfway done with it already.

I feel like I have been neglecting my other projects (toe up sock #2 and scarf), but those are for me and gifts have to come first right now. I am going to finish those on my two week break from work after Christmas.

I have decided on my next sock project! Regia Crazy Stripes 6-ply. I have already done the swatch and crunched the numbers for them (using Judy Gibson's You're-Putting-Me-On pattern). I need to use US#2 needles for this 6-ply yarn to get a gauge I like! Gak, I must be a loose knitter! But, I am still excepting them to go fairly quickly. I think I might try some sort of fancy-smancy stitch for the leg instead of just plain ribbing.

I'll also be doing this pair (my second ever) toe-up, but on dpn's instead of 2 circs. No real reason except that I feel like I need to become "well rounded" in different techniques. Can you tell I am excited to start?!

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