Monday, December 22

My first ever pair of socks are finished!

It took about six months, but I finally finished my toe-up two circ socks! Here is a photo of them on my feet:

I don't think the next pair of socks is going to take me this long (I hope at least!), since I didn't really work on these with any regularity.

Final Results/comments:

They fit fairly well - the left one is a little tighter than the right. I didn't actually count stitches when I was increasing for the toe, just knit until it fit. In the future, I'll remember to count. They are both a little long, and could be as much as 5 rows shorter I think.

I have some holes in my short-row heels; I need to learn how to do them correctly and fix that problem.

It is going to be a looooong time before I do another sock leg with ribbing all the way up. I think that is why they took so long to finish!

My gauge was too tight for the fair-isle pattern to turn out. I don't like this, but also don't think I would like the gauge any looser. (I got about 9 stitches/inch on 0 needles)

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