Thursday, November 6

Workin' on stuff and a happy story

I wanted to try and make a little sock for my new bear (see post below). This is what I came up with tonight:

It's a little too small - I'll try again tomorrow starting with 20 stitches instead of 18.

I've got a great story to tell! The other night I had all my beading stuff out on the coffee table working on some stitch markers. My boyfriend sat next to me the entire time watching; I really didn't think anything of it. So the next day we meet for class around 1:00 and he pulls these out of his pocket:

He went to the store, bought some new beads and made them for me that morning! Isn't that just the coolest thing in the world? You have no idea how surprised I was... (I think they are even cooler than any I have made!)

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