Sunday, November 2

Busy busy...

First off, I found this on a random (non-knitting) blog today. I don't remember which, so I can't give you the link - sorry. "You know you're a child of the 80's when..." Come on. You know you want to click it... Is is sad that I can agree with every single statement??

I finished the second sock yarn mitten. No pic of it yet, but it looks just like the first if you're curious.

I also finished the Fat Hat! I love it. It turned out just a little big (and it checked my gauge! I swear!) but works if I turn up the ribbing for a brim.

I have been talking about wanted to get a little bear to make sweaters for. So last weekend my parents found me this bear, who is just perfect:

You can't really tell from the picture, but he is about 9" tall. Watch for little bear sweaters in the future :-)

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