Tuesday, November 25

Feelin' Better

This is Thanksgiving Break week. (For the first time, the univeristy gave us the entire week off. Very nice!) I'm feeling better, having finally gotten (mostly) rid of my headachey issues. This was accomplished by sleeping most of the weekend!

I've got my archives working. Yay! Blogger didn't get the best of me this time. Hopefully all the links work. Let me know if you run across one that doesn't.

I also added two squares to my afghan squares project, ordered the yarn for Surprise #2, and got the yarn for (the new) surprise #3.

Speaking of yarn, Hobby Lobby had a great sale the other week I just couldn't resist. I got these Bernat Hot Sox yarns for $1.66 each.

Yes, you read that right. WooHoo!

Now, I haven't tried using any of it yet, but it is really soft and the colors are brighter than they appear in the pic so I think I will like them.

I'm going home to my parents house tomorrow evening after work. I'm looking forward to a few responsibility free days! My mom and I are going to do some good cooking/crafty type stuff and my Dad and I are going to.... well, sit around and make jokes. Like usual :-)

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