Friday, September 5

I love short weeks!

With Labor day on Monday, and no classes for me on Friday, I had a great week!

I got my booja bag finished, felted and assembled a few days ago. Yay! No picture yet, since I don't remember to take one until around now (11:00 pm), and don't like the way it looks with the flash. But it looks great, trust me ;-) The only minor issue is that is Kueryon did not felt as much as I would have liked (you can still see a hint of stitches), but the black Cascade 220 I used for the bottom felted like Nobody's Business and I was afraid that would shrink waaaay too much if I ran in through the washer again. I've never used 220 before, but now I definitely want to, for a felted and an unfelted project. (felted = bag, hat, fuzzyfeet? unfelted = hat, mittens, sweater?)

But I SWEAR, I am not starting anything new until all my WIPs are finished, and my new website it up!

The Hawkeyes play again tomorrow, and there is a race on Sunday... so stay tuned!

P.S. I am in the process of transitioning to my new site, so some things (gallery mainly) are not working right now! But its gonna be sooo worth it in the end... ;-)

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