Friday, September 19

Any Rundgren fans in the house?

Ok, so I'm a bit miffed by the news that pop-girly Mandy Moore is going to be doing a cover of a Todd Rundgren song (Can we still be Friends) on her next CD. Is nothing sacred??? So I went to her website and listened to a clip; it not too terrible. But still. shheesh.

and now, just because I can, I am including a shameless promotion of my coolness:

Me and Todd July 4, 2002.

(at a Kane County Cougars baseball game)

knitting news:
Running into issues with the surprise project again. grrr.. but this time I think I will just go with it and change the plan a little. You'll see eventually I promise.

I have done half the 2x2 ribbing on my first toe-up sock. Almost there! Still sticking to my goal of not starting anything until something is finished! Not sure how long that can last though.

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