Sunday, January 1

Hello 2012

and good riddance 2011.   That's all the space I'm going to waste on the year from hell.  No end-of-the-year recap for me!

That said, I am looking towards 2012 with hope, determination, and an open mind.   And perhaps a dash or two of patience - I really need to work on that.

Some of you may know that besides fiber arts, my other passion in life (well one of them at least) is scrapbooking/journaling/bookmaking.   I love to tell stories;  real life ones and made up ones.    For the second year in a row I have signed up for Ali Edwards' One Little Word class at Big Picture Scrapbooking.   I am a real fan of Ali's work, attitude, and approach to life.

The premise of One Little Word is to find a word to life with through out the year that you want to keep in your head and in your heart, and to use it to inspire positive changes in your life.   My word for 2011 was "Achieve".   I enjoyed working with Ali's monthy prompts and probably did more introspective thinking than I ever have before.  

This year, I chose "Bright".   It seems to fit for many reasons, including themes I want to invite into my life this year.  (Looking at the synonyms is a good way to see how much depth there can be in one word: 
brilliant, intense, sunny, intelligent, hopeful, optimistic.)

If this idea intrigues you, I really suggest you check out the class or Ali's blog.    Send me a message or click here for a referral code that gets you 10% your next class.  =)

Here's to a happy and healthy 2012!

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