Saturday, October 1

The Summer that Wasn't

I have realized the main problem with deciding to blog only knitting, not my personal life:  no posts.   Fairly obvious, I realize, but I might be suspending that rule a little since I do want to write.   I just don't want this blog to come across as one big dramatic sob story.

Because that it what it would be if I wrote about this summer.   My heart hurts and my head spins when I try to process everything. Steve and I are still here, as is our house and jobs.  Good things.  My mental health seems to have taken a beating though - challenging, because no one can tell from the outside.  I may write more in the future but for now if you have some positive energy to spare shoot a little our way, ok?

I am trying hard to get back into my relaxing evening routine of knitting, tea, cat, and I Love Lucy.   I have written up my annual Gift Knitting Countdown plus a bunch of other projects since we are working on a handmade Christmas this year.  (I know it's early.  I'll never get it all done otherwise!)  We here planning another Halloween blowout but it is probably going to have to wait until next year.

For maybe the first time I am really looking forward to fall.  I might even call it my favorite season.  We'll see how it treats us.   Apple picking tomorrow!  I can't wait to walk around and breathe in crisp, clean fall air.

Here's to happier times and lots of knitting ahead!

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