Saturday, August 6

Happy Belated Birthday

to me. August 1st was my 31st birthday. I took the day off work as planned, but ended up spending the time cleaning funky water from our possessions. Not really what I had in mind.

Oh well. We did have a nice little family pool party the previous Saturday to celebrate mine and my Mom's (July 29th) birthdays.

I think that was the most grammatically awkward sentence I have ever written. Hmm, let me try again:

My Mom's birthday was three days before mine on July 29th and we had a nice little family pool party to celebrate both.


One weird thing is that 30 didn't bother me a bit. I even tried to make it bother me, since I thought somehow it should, but I was totally cool with it.

But 31? Yikes. I need to let go of my inner monologue of "is there where you thought you'd be what should you have done differently look at what your friends/ random facebook high school acquaintances have".

I know that's not what it's about, and I am almost completely happy with my life until I start the comparisons. So, here's to a great year of doing what is right for me. Which includes plenty of crafting.

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