Monday, November 29

It's that time of year again.

Actually, I'm sure it's past the time of year when I usually make my annual knitting gifts checklist post.

I decided this summer that I wasn't going to knit gifts for anyone this year. I'm making some gifts in other mediums (paper, food), but didn't want the stress of a long list of knitting. It's been a while since I've knit anything for myself, and my queue is a mile long. I revisited my decision many times, and was content with it.

Until last week, when I suddenly thought of a dozen things to make for different people. Instead of fighting off the urge... I went and bought yarn.

But I am trying to keep the list short. A scarf or too. A sleep mask. Slippers. Maybe a pair of socks or two?

The socks might be too ambitious but I am almost halfway finished with the first scarf. I can't decide what to do about the socks since I will need to order yarn if I am going to make them. Should I order it and try my best to get them done? Should I forget about it and save them for a future gift-giving occasion?

Sigh. This is what I was trying to avoid!

Christmas gift lists aside, it is apparently not the time of year for winter weather yet. I'm very thankful for 40 and 50 degree tmeps which turn any potential snow storm into rain.


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