Wednesday, October 20

A month and a half without a post...

and the last one was on cupcakes. That pretty much sums up my life during that time.

(Mmmmm....cupcakes. I wish I hadn't seen that photo.)

Knitting has been sporadic lately, except for one big, exciting project that I hope to be able to share with you soon. This project seems to have sucked up all of my knitting mojo, since other projects I have attempted to knit have been miserable failures.

Failures have occurred in the following categories:

1) Note-taking: the second sock with a leg less than half the circumference of the first
2) Gauge:the yarn - the hat that used up a ball of yarn before the crown; turned out to be about 30" around
3) Pattern reading:the vine lace cardigan, which is lacy but not vine-y; the yarn overs are placed wrong

(photos coming soon)

Luckily, I've have having much more luck with some other hobbies lately. I don't want to clutter up my yarn blog, but may share some links to my other work in the future.

Also, PARTY!! My hubby's birthday is on Halloween and we are planning a "mysterious, spooky, creepy, and kooky" bash this year. Which pretty much gives away our costumes.

Did you know that Morticia Addams knit in almost every episode? I'm thinking of starting something black and oddly shaped to have sitting in a knitting basket during the party.

At this rate, the "oddly shaped" won't be much of a stretch to produce.

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