Tuesday, June 1

Finished!!!!!: Dad's Christmas Sweater

Can you tell how excited I am to have this project done?! Six months after Christmas, what a terrible daughter I am. hehehe.

Dad's Christmas Sweater

Technically I knitted 1.75 sweaters to get this final product. The first time was actually finished before Christmas but since I wanted it to be a surprise I had a feeling I would have to rip back and do some adjusting for size. And I did. But by that time I was sooo tired of looking at it (and was also working on some paper projects) that I let it sit for months before I actually ripped the yoke out. And then it sat in a small heap in pieces because again I couldn't bear to look at it.

When I did finally pick it up again (out of guilt, mostly), I just had to shortened the sleeves by about an inch and re-knit the yoke on a size smaller needle. I think I knitted the yoke in three days the first time around - it took me weeks this time. I have no idea how I did it so quickly before. So that's 1.5 sweaters knit.

The other .25 is in the the four different collars I had to knit and rip out to end up with one that wasn't too loose and sloppy or too tight. Like me, my Dad can't stand anything tight or constricting on clothing. A good way to torture us would be to force us to wear turtlenecks (shutter).

Dad's Sweater

The yarn is Berroco Blackstone Tweed and it's my new favorite yarn. It has a nice rustic look to it but is so soft. I really want to make a sweater for myself for it, and hubby has requested one too. (?! requested a sweater? Could it be true?)

I am going to see him this weekend and will hopefully be able to get a model shot of him wearing it.

So... Yay! Finished!!

What's next? A few quick and easy instant gratification projects.

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