Friday, June 25


Five years ago today, Steve and I were married. I really don't feel like five years sounds long enough - in a good way. We have been together since November 2001; 8 years, 7.5 months.

I wanted to find a photo for every year we have been together, but some of them are in a box at the bottom of my craft closet. I will eventually pull them out and add them to my little slideshow, but right now it would create a big mess that I don't feel like dealing with!

5 Year Anniversary Collage

Top Row (from left): 2002 - Easter. 2003 - my graduation from The University of Iowa (Steve graduated the year before. It took me five years, but I have two degrees). 2005 - our wedding.

Middle Row: 2005 - honeymoon. 2005 - honeymoon. 2006 - downtown after we moved back to Chicagoland.

Bottom Row: 2008 - camping. 2007 - Hawkeye Football game at Soldier Field. 2010 - five years.

Here's to many, many more.

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Libby said...

Awww. Congratulations. I love the idea of finding a picture from every year.