Monday, September 28

Fall Football Season

As much as I hate to admit it, Fall has arrived in Chicagoland. This has both bad (weather) and good (football!) points.

It is pretty easy to tell when college football season begins around here. Every time I turn the TV on, it is tuned to ESPN or the Big Ten network. Radios are tuned to AM stations, especially if we are in the car on a Saturday. We stop in front of any TV showing score for a quick update. And I am struggling to keep up with the player’s names and team standings as every other sentence out of my husband’s mouth is football related.

It’s lots of fun. He has plenty of things to say about how ESPN treats the Hawkeyes, and about the polls in general, but I think I am going to let that go here for now.

Since we can no longer make it to Iowa City for all of the Hawkeye home games anymore, we have switched to Illinois State Redbirds season tickets. We meet my family there; my Dad is an alumnus. It is a lot of fun and we get to see some excellent 1-AA football. Also, their marching band is fantastic and it makes this former band geek/drum majorette feel very nostalgic.

(Every time I am on a college campus I have to resist the urge to run to the admissions office and sign up for classes. But as I’ve said – geek.)

Do you remember Reggie?

trying to steal my watermelon
seen here, trying to steal my watermelon

He was actually named after Reggie the Redbird.


An extra special bonus to attending Redbird games is that we have a 2.5 hour drive each way. That is a lot of quality knitting time while my husband drives. I’ve actually finished a few small projects already – two games into the season.

(And once again I have a serious backlog of FO posts.)

This weekend the Redbirds are away, and we are actually driving to Iowa for a Hawkeye game. This is our first one in… two years I think? I’m very excited. Well, except for the fact that the game starts at 11am, and we have to leave at ridiculous o’clock in the morning to get there in time. Oh well – more car knitting!

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