Friday, August 29

Needle Felting at Stitches

Friday morning at Stitches my mom and I took a needle felting class together with Debbie Radtke. It was a lot of fun, and much easier than I had expected. Here are the little pieces I worked on during class. The first is a piece of a felted wool blanket Debbie gave to us to practice on, and the last two are felted squares I made to turn into a credit card pouch, and camera case. On the wooden skewer are a couple of beads I tried after she explained that it is possible to needle felt bits of fiber into beads.

Needle Felting supplies

This is something I definitely want to do more of in the future. I have a zillion ideas in my head of things I could needle felt! Of course we had to pick up a couple bags of fiber at the market.

The only downsize it my throat was very scratchy and my eyes were burning after working with the fiber for the 3 hours in class. Stupid allergies.

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