Wednesday, March 21

More sock, and tax woes

I am (finally) close to finishing my Daisy Socks. Has anyone noticed that this "side project" of mine has become the only thing I have been working on? Oops. I really need to focus and finish some things over here!

Daisy Sock

Maybe I can finish these before the end of this weekend. That is, if I manage to knit more than the few rows a night I have been averaging!

My husband and I haven't filed our income taxes yet for 2006, mostly due to our incredible ability to procrastinate. (We both are bad enough individually but get us together on something and productivity just screeches to a halt.) After reading much information on how to file part-year residency in two states (IA and IL), I am amazed by how complicated the whole process is. I mean, we are two intelligent people with college degrees. Some of the wording on these tax "informational" documents is so circular and overly complex that I am truly afraid of doing something wrong. Seems like my only choices are 1) miss something and give the government too much of my hard earned money or 2) miss something and have an angry IRS person knocking down my door to get their money.


Asa said...

Pretty socks. If it's any consolation we're going through tax hell too - Canadian taxes, mind you, but I'm sure it's about as complicated. Way too much paperwork.

Jean said...

The socks are coming along very nicely. That's the second of the pair, right? You'll have 'em done in no time.
I'm a bad procrastinater, too, especially for tax unpleasantness. Right there with ya.

tiennie said...

Pretty socks - love the colors!

Carolyn said...

Love the daisy socks, even though I would find the holes too cold. (Warmth is always on a Canadian's mind you know) Taxes are a nightmare, no matter what side of the border you live on. Thank goodness for tax preparers!
Love your blog, you start projects like I do! Come visit me at my blog, won't you?
I'll check back here in a couple of days.

Amanda said...

I feel your pain. It never ceases to amaze me how each state can manage to make paying taxes like slow torture. And of course it doesn't stop there. If you do get a refund from any of the other states, you have to declare it the following year. UGH! I'd rather knit a sweater with size 0000 needles and sewing thead! Good luck with the socks and the taxes.