Wednesday, March 7

A few quick thoughts

1) Have you seen the new Knitty? There are quite a few patterns that I would like to knit that might also look good on me. Namely Ribena, Morestripes, and Carolyn. Plus, there are multiple sock patterns to try.

2) Speaking of sock patterns, the March Magknits also has a number of them. I like the Rainy Day socks - gots to try me a picot hem! I love how they look even though they seem fiddly to do.

3) More sock goodness: I finished my first Daisy sock. I can't decide if is it too big (long) or not, so I might be taking apart the toe to shorten it. I haven't started the second one yet but that is mostly because I have been too lazy to wind the second skein into a ball.

4) I recently found the Math 4 Knitters podcast and have been listening to all of the back episodes through itunes. She gives some good tips and info on a variety of math related knitting problems (betcha couldn't have guessed that!). I'm going to have to listen to some again with a notepad and pencil nearby. I consider myself to be math-challeneged, but am starting to think maybe I just don't give myself a fair chance to figure stuff out.

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Asa said...

Thanks for the heads up on the new knitty patterns - can't wait to drool over the new additions.