Tuesday, November 8

And the hits just keep coming.

**This post has been edited down from a much longer, much whinier version. The original post included:

1. My husband lost his job.
2. I am having surgery on Friday. (On my tooth/jaw/sinuses. It is as fun as it sounds, folks.)

We join this post already in progress...

I am nervous about the whole thing since they are giving me nitrous oxide instead of knocking me out completely. (This is because I have to be awake to follow some commands - plug my nose and blow - at certain times.) I have had general anesthesia twice and it didn't concern me as much as this. I am afraid of the "out of it" feeling that is supposed to be a good thing will freak me out. Anyone had any experience with this? I need to know that I am not going to die from a panic attack. (Which had been a very likely occurrence for me in the past.)

But Look! I knit something! Here I am looking thoughtful in my new hat.

Hmmm. Is there any chocolate in the kitchen?

I used two yarns from the Joanne Sensations line and this pattern from the knitlist. I have to say I am impressed with the Joanne yarns. The white is Dolcetto; the variegated, Cosetta.


Kellie N said...

Hi! I totally understand the potential panic attack thing - especially with dental procedures. Someone closely fitting my description actually sobbed uncontrollably in the dentist's waiting room once. Ahem.
You'll be absolutely fine on the nitrous - I had it for some major fillings, and you won't panic at all - you'll be kind of far away, able to tell that something's going on in your mouth, but really not giving a damn.

Sarah said...

Thank sooo much. It really makes me feel better knowing kinda what to expect. =) And that other people survived it...

Libby said...

Well, I'm a little late, but I do hope that the surgery went well. I hope the anxiety was worse than the procedure, and that you are feeling better, or at least starting to feel better.

Very very cute hat. I love it.