Friday, June 24

I'm sure you will forgive me for not posting

...when you hear that my wedding is in two days (June 26th).

Here are a few shots of a few things that have kept me busy these last weeks. The guestbook is a little different. "Scrapbook-style" is the best way to describe it I think. Each couple/group/family has a designated page to sign and the photographer has a matching list of groups to photograph, so the pictures can be added in later. I am pleased at the final result, and hope it works well.

One of the favors I have are these little heart tins with pink and silver M&Ms. I don't think you can read them here, but half read "Sarah and Steve" and the other half reads "June 26, 2005". Pretty snazzy, eh?

Oh yeah, I finished my Opal socks last week. See, I do still knit. I received this skein as a drawing prize from the Opal Chatters yahoo group. Yay me!

(OK, so there are still needles in the toe of one. It needs grafting and I do not have the patience for it now!)


Knitting Maven said...

Lots of luck on your marriage! The opal socks really look great.

haze said...

Best Wishes to you & Steve. I hope you had a flawless day, and enjoy the honeymoon.

Libby said...

Best wishes. I hope you had a wonderful wedding day.

The socks look great. As do your wedding goodies.

Anonymous said...

Best Wishes as you begin your new life!

Dandy said...

Hi Sarah... it's June 30th today... just stopping by and I think we all need to know how the wedding went, what about the honeymoon??

I do think we need to see some pictures.

Congrats to you!