Tuesday, August 17

Back at home

Whew. It has been a long four weeks! Although the time did go by quickly. It is good to be home. I think? Well.. not yet.. but maybe once I get back into some sort of routine!

I worked on two projects over the last few weeks, a simple ribbed hat and a cross stitch sampler. The hat is not finished since I couldn't find double pointed needles in the Walmart (i.e. the only store around) where I was. I picked up the cross stitch to try again, since I haven't done any in years. I like it more than I remember so I think I might do another project after I finish this one.

unfortunately, my internet at home is not working for some unknown reason. (Cable TV works, and the internet works on Steve's computer but not mine. Pout.) Once I get that up and running I will post photos of both the hat and the cross stitch project.

Yay! I am excited to get back into blogging. Hopefully I will have time to work on some interesting projects to write about!

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